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Values of Design with Josephine Nauckhoff

Words by Josephine Nauckhoff @nauckhoffdesign

My main value as a designer is to combine design and art. For me, there is no differentiation between the two because I believe that the aesthetic expression of a product is very important for how coveted a product becomes, regardless of its functions.

The place that inspires me the most is the home, and perhaps it is intensifying even more now during covid times. In our home, we preserve many of our most personal belongings, expressing ourselves in our own space. With interior design growing in interest, it is very fun if you get to be involved and influence something as intimate as a home. It is interesting to create art that goes hand in hand with the interior that adorns the home. Right now I prefer to work with organic and abstract shapes accompanied by muted and natural colors, but that can always change. Change is important for development!

Interiors are everywhere around us and many find it important to surround themselves in an environment that is considered aesthetically pleasing. The most significant inspiration for the Blob side table was creating modularity through organic and asymmetrical shapes, finding forms that are not traditionally found in table design. I used a natural color spectrum to make it look like real stone. These pieces were initially constructed in clay because the material allows for a certain flexibility to experiment and explore form. The final model was created out of concrete with crossed marble stone and colour extract blended in. The sculptural table is changeable and no parts of the table are welded together. It can appear as a sculpture and when you attach the marble slab it alters into a table. You chose how you want it to play with your space.

Traverse was a concept where I attempted to play with the idea of form and function. I created a pinewood shelf that attaches to a wall, without the use of screws or glue, that does not have a central purpose of carrying books as you might expect. Traverse is designed to carry magazines and objects you prefer to have beside you while relaxing. It also acts as a side table that can be an interior detail—a piece of art on the wall with a function.

The design behind Boletus was inspired by fabric and rice paper ceiling lamps that created very scattered light in the room without giving any glare. This was inspiring to me because of its unique design language. The Boletus luminaire is a short floor lamp that creates an even spread of smooth light in a space. The color palette is very natural to create a timeless lamp that can be placed in several environments. The luminaire is constructed of wood, wire and fabric.

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