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Timeless Lines and Airy Vibes with Kollection by Irie

In our Creative Spotlight series, we feature the people behind the brand. Meet Veria Laemmle of Kollection by Irie. She tells us about her approach to decor and the piece that is still missing from her personal collection.

Describe Kollection by Irie. How did you get started? Tell us more about your background as a creative.

In December 2018, we decided to move to Vancouver, Canada, and as I was searching for pieces to furnish our new home, I found myself curating pieces that I eventually would resell on instagram. This combined with my obsession for interior design led to the birth of @Kollectionbyirie.

As far as being a creative, I just love ART in all its form, and my best interpretation of art to the world is through the way I design and style homes.

What has been your favourite thrifted find?

Ohh this is such a hard question because all the pieces I curate are selected as if I would use them myself, I do have a lot of favourites, this is no lie.

Are you still on the hunt for anything?

For my personal collection I am hunting for the "Anfibio" sofa bed designed by Alessandro Becchi for Giovannetti Collezioni in 1971.

And for the shop, I am always hunting for unique pieces , I recently found a Cassina Maralunga leather couch and two chair set which I am still obsessing over.

Tell us about your approach to design and decor.

I am all about spaces feeling cohesive but never limited to one style, I find myself drawn to individual pieces across all styles, therefore when it comes to interior design, my approach is timeless clean lines and airy vibes.

Do you have any tips for styling that you could share? As we decorate this spring, how can we maximize the impact of our decor choices?

My motto which can also translate as a tip is, to always “OWN YOUR HOME and TELL YOUR STORY”. However I would say when selecting the main pieces for a home—for example furniture, window treatments, wall coverings and rugs etc—always choose neutral timeless pieces, this allows an easy transition through seasons, as you only need to add or subtract the accessories.

What do you love most about the vintage reselling community?

Ohhh, it’s the mutual interest and love in vintage pieces with people that I don’t even know and getting excited together for any new unique finds, just beautiful energy.

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