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This Stylist’s Journey into Conscious Consumerism

Jennifer Scott is an editorial and commercial stylist whose lifestyle is entirely based around conscious consumerism. The journey of this embodiment has led her to where she is today, working with large brands like Lee and developing her freelance career. Originally from Michigan, Scott studied interior design at the Art Institute of Chicago before opting to pursue work experience at a high end architectural firm over finishing her degree. This eventually led her to a job working on American Pickers, a reality television show that follows antique dealers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they travel around America looking for collectibles. Now, Scott lives in Kansas City working in styling and e-commerce injecting her unique voice into the world of fashion and design.

It was during her time on American Pickers that she fell in love with antiques and vintage items, learning to shop and see in a different way. From this newfound desire to preserve and salvage objects, she was launched into the realm of sustainability and over time, completely changed the way she approached design. “You can see things no one else can see”, Scott explained as she describes her buying habits, exercising patience and honing in on what she really wants.

“This wasn’t an overnight change, I started in my early 20s and learned a bit more each time”, she tells me. Some of her learnings include window shopping to resist the urge to buy and waiting before making purchases, “if [an item] marinates with you after two weeks or four weeks, then you can feel good knowing it’s a worthwhile investment”, she describes after tiring of buying on impulse and selling those items right away. Despite having been in Kansas City for over a year, she refuses to settle on a sofa to satisfy a craving to purchase, instead waiting for the perfect one to pop up on secondhand channels.

A ‘texture person’, Scott prefers using neutral tones and experimenting with texture to add dimension to her home. The two rooms she has been spending more time in—her front room and kitchen—are examples of this practise in action. Her front room is airy, light, and her design accentuates the character and history of her home using her marbled fireplace as a focal point (we love how she even put a disco ball inside) and a tessellated stone coffee table and her partner’s guitar as compliments.

With the original black and checkered floor intact, Scott decorated her kitchen with a small dark wood dining table and wicker chairs, allowing the natural light to romanticize the space. She applies a similar consciousness in her career as well, choosing to work with sustainable, size inclusive brands that align with her ethics. As she continues her journey into conscious consumerism, it's clear that her adoption of an intentional, slower pace of curation allows her to express her voice within her personal style and work more purposefully and authentically.

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