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The Artist Illustrating our Interiors

Romantic. Dreamy. Aspirational. Those are the words that come to mind when scrolling through artist Marion Loste's illustrations. "I like to play with texture and colour to bring movement into each piece. I'm inspired by Impressionism and I like to focus on the feeling my illustrations evoke" Loste explains.

Loste has been replicating popular home interiors from designers like Cathrine de Lichtenberg and shops like Odds n Ends. She shares, "recently I've been obsessed with ceramic art and organic forms. I would say my favourite designers at the moment are Yasmin Bawa, Sabine Marcelis, Pia Chevalier, and Lola Mayeras."

Her creative influences are instilled in the art she creates, infusing a lightness and airy quality through each brushstroke. During the Impressionist period, the concept of voyeurism was popularized through the figure of the flâneur and flâneuse, a wanderer in society with no other purpose except to observe contemporary life. In Loste's work, she invites us to embody our inner flâneuse as we enjoy the visual eye candy of her work.

The home interior of Cathrine de Lichtenberg featuring designs from Pulpo Products, Hay Design and DBA.

Handmade candles from Nata Concept Store.

The home of Christina Macpherson featuring furniture from Byron Bay Hanging Chairs and decor pieces from L’effrontée Vintage Goods and Nikau Store.

The cotton candy double bubble vase from Odds n Ends.

And Marion's recent favourite featuring earrings from German brand Wald Berlin, describing "I really like the color combination between the purple and yellow and the textures".

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