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Samaan: How These Best Friends Started a Business

Sona and Jasmine are best friends...but they are also business and creative partners working on films, TV, commercials, fashion and lifestyle shoots. As stylists, they have worked with clients such as Nintendo, Mercedes Benz, and NBC Universal to name a few. They sat down with Marguerite St. to tell us about their new venture Samaan, a one stop shop for your decor needs (I spy a vintage caprani know I'm obsessed), and spoke about their penchant for beauty rooted in the everyday.

Tell me about your friendship!

We became friends during our last year in high school and decided to go to the same college. We both bonded over Bollywood movies and basically became best friends in an art class.

How did you take your friendship and evolve that into business/creative partners?

We both went to fashion school together and all the other colleges after that. We wanted to do the same things, so it just naturally transitioned to us being business partners.

Can you describe how you compliment each other in your work?

We’re both actually very similar and have very similar aesthetics as well. The best part about being in business with your best friend is that you know each other so well that you just naturally complement each other.

What are your individual styles and creative influences?

We both gravitate towards the same styles—minimal but rustic. We love whites and natural materials like wood and marble. We’re inspired by nature and love neutral tones that are easy on the eye and feel serene. A white Italian villa is Jasmine’s dream house. While Sona will take that Italian villa by the beach.

How does culture play a role in your creativity, if any?

Culture and background have an undeniable effect on our creativity. The attraction to light, nature and even the love for natural fibers is because we grew up in Punjab. It’s very much part of the culture and the surroundings, so we bring those elements into our art. The way we use color especially is most indicative of growing up in northern India.

Describe how samaan launched.

Samaan was launched out of our love for thrifting. We loved going thrifting on the weekends and started accumulating things. We both like minimal decor, so we definitely couldn’t keep everything we were buying and that’s how Samaan started. We also love to do art direction and this was a fun way to start doing more of that.

What do you hope to bring to the community with samaan and what does samaan mean?

Samaan means belongings in Punjabi. We just hope to bring what we love to the community. We hope that more people can learn to recycle old things and reuse them and preserve them. It’s so beautiful to know that something has had a past life and now we’re carefully curating those pieces and finding new homes for them where they can be cherished.

Share your favourite creative project to date in regards to art direction.

Our favorite art direction to date has still yet to come to be honest. However, the photos that we’ve taken where we use Punjabi clothes for our Instagram are definitely up there.

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