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Make Your Bed: A Premiere Destination for Vintage Furniture

In our Creative Spotlight series, we feature the people behind the brand. Make Your Bed is a vintage store based in New York that started from a personal love of sourcing. Hannah was a professional dancer who channelled her creativity into a store that's fulfilling all of our interior needs.

Marguerite St: What's the story behind Make Your Bed?

Make Your Bed: I moved to NYC in 2014 to pursue my dance career and have been working professionally in the city and out ever since. Being on stage is my first true love and I’m grateful to have performed on some really cool stages (Radio City Music Hall, cruise ships, and theatres across the U.S.)...but then Covid-19 happened. The arts and performing industry’s were hit really hard. It was an eye opener for me, not only because being a performer was how I identified myself but also how I made a living.

So even though the arts were on hold I was determined to stay in NYC and put my energy into something new. Summer of 2020, one of my girlfriends came over to my apartment to shoot a WFH campaign for her activewear brand (@wearonesat). She noticed all my vintage furniture pieces and said to me “where did you find all this stuff, it’s so good?”. I told her I had been sourcing vintage pieces for years, buying, and reselling. It was a hobby of mine. She told me I could make it a business finding pieces for others and that’s when the light bulb went off. A few weeks later I did my first drop on Instagram and Make Your Bed was born.

MSt: How did you name your business?

MYB: When coming up with the name I knew I didn’t want any descriptive words that had to do with thrifting or vintage. So when “Make Your Bed” popped into my head it felt silly but also felt right. So naturally I called my mom.. She loved it, so it stuck!

MSt: Describe what catches your eye when sourcing objects.

MYB: I love classic items. Whether it’s a Wassily Chair or a mid-century dresser—those pieces will last forever and can be molded into different homes and aesthetics as we move about life.

MSt: What do you love most about being able to provide home objects to your clients?

MYB: I love when clients say “I’ve been looking for this!”

MSt: Can you share your proudest moment of MYB to date?

MYB: Every time I sell a piece is a proud moment! It’s cheesy but true. It’s truly so cool that people actually like what I source and trust me enough to purchase their pieces. I still pinch myself.

MSt: For those that don't live in NYC, what are your tips for sourcing home objects and furniture?

MYB: There is so much cool stuff on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, of course. But go to Flea Markets, go to goodwills, grab your mom or friends and make a day out of it! You never know what you will find.

MSt: What has been the most difficult item that you've sourced?

MYB: The marble dining tables are always tough because of size and weight. But luckily I have a team of amazing movers who always get the job done. They have been a blessing to me, I wouldn’t have gotten this far without them.

MSt: What style are you finding to be the most popular on MYB?

MYB: The chess sets fly and I don’t blame them.

MSt: How does sourcing smalls differ from sourcing your other objects?

MYB: I love sourcing smalls! I love picking out glassware and dishes that can be mixed and matched. They are smaller pieces that are so easily interchangeable.

MSt: We love your series of sharing NYC spaces, can you share two with us now?

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