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Inside Ceramic Room

Nina Godfrey of Ceramic Room, creates beautiful ceramic pieces that emphasize her craft. Quite literally, her treatment of form and material makes it hard to ignore that everything is hand crafted. You can see where she has shaped each object making all of her creations completely unique.

Nina Godfrey: I first started Ceramic Room in April 2020, since then I haven't really shared much about myself on the account so I thought I’d share a lil snippet in this post. I don’t really like the idea of being the face of the brand but think it's nice for people to see who is creating their orders for them. The pieces in the photo are the ‘One of each set’ (Tall single & Single holder) made in green and pink, one of the first colour duos I paired together on my instagram and also one of my most popular orders!

Marguerite St: You mention that you don't like being the face of the brand, but I think it's so important to support local businesses especially during this time. Is there anything you want to share about your experience creating and running a business? What has that been like?

NG: I think that it's so important for people to be supporting independent businesses right now and I think people are! I’ve seen lots of my friends or other creatives I know online who’s businesses seem to be getting lots of attention nowadays. Running a business on your own can be quite stressful sometimes, I never realized how long packaging orders can take! But it is also so rewarding. Being able to create something that people love and want in their homes gives me such a feeling of achievement as it's all I’ve ever really wanted to do.

NG: This double holder was made in a custom colour lilac for a trade with another independent business, I love doing this as it means I can discover new creatives and it also opens the door to possible collaborations which is always exciting :)

MSt: Any creatives that you love that you'd like to share with us? What is exciting to you about collaborations?

NG: Me and Lara from The Attic London ( are currently working on something special together which I’m very excited about! Some other creatives I would love to share are @delajardin , @nikkierichsenceramics , @studiopulp__ and @summerschoolshop. I could list so many more but these are some accounts I think have been making some really nice things recently.

NG: This was one of the first images I posted on the Ceramic Room account back when I would make vases. I really enjoy the process of making vases but as I use air dry clay for all my pieces it meant that the vases could not hold any water limiting people to using them for dried flowers so I ended up scrapping them from my website and just focusing on the candlesticks :) Colour palette has always been a massive part of my work and I love seeing the combination of purples and greens, this duo has actually started creeping back into my current work!

NG: I love holding give-aways on the Ceramic Room instagram as they bring lots of new faces to my small business, I used this image to promote my 2nd give-away and I think it's one of my favourite posts yet! One of my newest products is the triple holder, I originally made it as a one off piece for my mam but people seemed to love them so I ended up adding them to my shop. Styling different pieces together and creating nice colour palettes is one of the funnest parts of what I do alongside when people send me photos of their orders displayed in their homes :)

MSt: So interested to know about your styling methods and how you come up with the amazing colour palettes in your store...can you walk me through your process?

NG: I don't think I’ve got my process down to a T just yet but I normally focus on trying to have lots of different heights in a photo as I think that always creates a nice composition so even if I’m photographing two of the same piece I like to create a platform for one of the pieces to sit on. When it comes to the colour palette I naturally get drawn to different colours depending on what I’ve been looking at either online or things I’ve been inspired by in my day to day, at the moment I really like brown tones as well as purples. A colour which I think will always be seen in my work is green, I love it so much!

Are you in love with Nina's work like we are? Shop her collection on her website or give her a follow @ceramicroom

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