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Home Tour with @altbauinpastell

Susan, known as @altbauinpastell on Instagram, recently invited Marguerite St. into her home. Located in Saarbrücken, Germany, Susan is a trained visual merchandiser who has turned this 650 sq ft apartment into an elegant yet whimsical interior space.

This is the first flat Susan has lived in by herself (along with her two cats) which allowed her the freedom to decorate as she pleased. "I love the whole space age era mixed with mid-century pieces. I love the forms and colours that were used because they are very special but simple at the same time. One of the designers who I'm currently inspired by is Gustaf Westman and I find daily inspiration in @allthepeachesplease because she's also into DIYs and pastels", she says.

"DIYs are part of my daily routine. I love building, creating, sketching, and realizing my ideas. Most of my creations happen very spontaneously as I love to act quickly once I have an idea."

This DIY queen made the pink tiled mirror in her living room, Gustaf Westman inspired frames and hand painted murals in each of her rooms. Other furniture pieces are sourced from e-bay such as the U-shaped coffee table (which she's retrofitted from an old IKEA side table) and her blue tulip shaped stool.

Susan has masterfully balanced the use of curved and straight lines alongside muted pastel tones. And, she proves that great interior design is not based on budget, but on creativity. View the home tour on our Instagram where Susan shares a closer look of her interiors.

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