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Home Tour: Fumina Tsuji, ELLE Japan Fashion Editor

Fumina lives with intention. From the way she speaks to the design approach of her home, every choice is a careful consideration of form, function, and beauty. In the summer of 2020, Fumina moved to Copenhagen from Japan because she fell in love with the fashion culture and Hygge lifestyle. Hygge is a Danish concept that represents a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life.

"I live in a studio apartment, so it was important to select furniture which could make my home look much more spacious. I moved to Copenhagen from Tokyo last year. When I lived in Tokyo, my home looked a lot darker because I preferred a black and white aesthetic. Here, I decided to make my new home look more vivid by choosing a minimal aesthetic paired with pastel colours" she tells us.

What is impressive is Fumina's ability to maximize space and create distinct pockets in her apartment that serve as different rooms in a house—a living room, an office, a bedroom, and kitchen. Each space is unique in style yet cohesive to the overall aesthetic of her home.

"I usually work from home, so I made a "home office" space in my apartment. This space acts as the center of the room, so I curated printed floral posters, a pink rug, a chair and desk with a retro vibe, and a tiled cube from Ikon København to brighten up the room" she says.

"This cube from Ikon København is my absolute favourite piece—I had my heart set on getting one before I even moved to Copenhagen"

In addition to Ikon København, Fumina's go-to shops for furniture and decor objects are Beau Marché, KIOSK48TH, Society6, PSTR studio, Stalks and Roots, HAY, and of course IKEA.

Minimalism is at the key of her apartment. Every object has a purpose and a place. "When I put something in my room, I try to look at the overall colour balance. I don't put furniture or interior objects that don't fit the overall palette, even if it's absolutely my taste. I pick pastel pinks, greens, beiges, and blues as my core colour tones" she describes.

Since Japanese houses are usually smaller than Danish ones, Japanese furniture gears towards being compact and more functional than stylish. Fumina "loves Danish furniture that can combines both a functional and stylish design."

When asked for any other tips that she has to maximize space she explained "I purposefully chose furniture that wasn't all the same height to make the room look like it has more depth. For example, my bed is on the floor and is largest in size, the acrylic table in the living room is mid-height, and the office desk is tall but narrow."

Fumina's home embodies the Hygge lifestyle that originally drew her to Copenhagen. Her home is an environment that is beautifully minimal and welcoming, with each object having a distinct purpose and value.

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