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Bedroom Tour: DIY with Greta Carlotta Brungs

One could say that the bedroom is the most direct representation of the self. Growing up, I was told that you only needed to see someone's bedroom to get the best sense of what someone was truly like. For Berlin based journalist, Greta Carlotta Brungs, that sentiment rings true: it's clear from how she's approached her space that she is creative, resourceful, and appreciates a good back story.

All of Greta's pieces are vintage, found on the street, or up-cycled. "When a furniture piece has a story, I feel even more comfortable with it. Everything I have is preowned so I feel very connected even if I didn't build it myself. I choose a minimal (but not empty) aesthetic. Some things need space to breathe, to have an effect, and to develop" she tells us.

Taking a DIY approach, most of Greta's pieces have been refurbished. She replaced the feet from her dark brown chest of drawers and bought square ones from a hardware store that she sprayed gold. She re-painted her corner shelf and planter that she found on the street, her bed is hand-made, the mirror that sits across from her bed was sourced from a restaurant that was closing, where she removed the original frame, and to top it all off, she made an entire dresser from items purchased at the hardware store.

"I see myself as someone who is deeply connected to their own feelings and experiences. The world in which we live in is so connected, globalized, and complicated within itself. Every morning we wake up, we look at our phone, and absorb everything that is happening in the world. I wasn't doing well for a while when I moved to Berlin two and a half years ago. Since then, I have learned that my environment is very important to me and that light, above all, makes me happy. Every time the sun falls through my window and paints these patterns on my wall, I appreciate this apartment" she describes.

"My interior reflects me and my personality, but above all my visions and where I want to go."

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