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At Home With Izzy Lourdes

You can't miss Izzy Lourdes, she bubbles with personality and style. A photographer, graphic designer, and illustrator who recently dove into product design, her home aesthetics mirror her fashion. There is no shortage of colour and patterns, and we love it.

Right now, Lourdes is working from home and it was important for her space to reflect a functional environment for her creative endeavours. "Designing experiences is my work, and pretty much my life, so when I say my home is an extension of that, I mean I try to keep the values of designing an experience consistent in my own space. That being said, the home is more of a physical experience than a digital one—but the concept is the same! A few of those key principles are how it feels and engages with my senses, through visuals, textures, and colours. Another is allowing for connection within the space. I love sharing it with others and being able to share is a vital part of any experience" she says.

Through the challenge of WFH life, Lourdes explains that she is lucky to be able to exercise her creativity in some form and is looking forward to being able to go out again to photograph, illustrate, and paint. Anything to keep that creativity flowing.

One of the most unique parts of her home is her shelf. "My shelf is one of my favourite parts of my house! It kind of serves as a spot for all of my favourite memories, mainly from my trips to Thailand and Tokyo with my boyfriend. We picked up most of the figurines from gachapon machines in Japan, and they make me smile every time I see them. I also keep a few of my favourite books there: Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino, and Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse" she explains.

Lourdes shares her WFH set-up with us and gives us insight into her design choices below featuring a special appearance from her dog Mochi.

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