A Vessel For Your Needs

I recently moved into a new apartment and after spending the first couple of months furnishing our new place, there was still something missing. Most of our furniture was to my taste—a neutral palette (because #beigeaesthetic is a thing right?)

We needed pops of colour and a mix of shapes in our interior spaces to add more of our personality. Then followed hours and hours of finding those decor pieces that we could add to book shelves, side tables, credenzas...you name it.

A vase is ubiquitous. There is a vase out there for all your needs. I was inspired by these interiors and found alternative vases to replicate the look and feel of each interior style muse.

Muse #1: Perspective Studio is an interior design studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. They have an affinity for simplicity, with vases designed in-house that feel a perfect blend of antiquity and modernity. Accent Decor's ceramic jug vase and Sullivan's ceramic vase set of three exude the same sophistication.

Accent Decor's Ceramic Jug Vase - $42.09 on Amazon

Muse #2: Author and creative, Athena Calderone has an interior where her vessel is more sculpture than vase. I love the slant towards the visually unique shape and dark tone that balances out the marbled-white of the walls and furniture. Yakusha Design is behind the Bandura Vase, for other options where you can play with form, colour, and shape our eyes are on PhoSen's Water Drop Vase, H&M Home's Ceramic Vase, or The Citizenry's Terracotta Engobe Vessels.

PhoSen's Water Drop Vase - $35.99 on Amazon

Muse #3: Creative Cathrine de Lichtenberg gives us colours for days in her home interiors. With a penchant for bold colours and glass blown objects, her vibe is definitely more playful. With the solid blue couch anchoring the room, she is able to use complimentary colours with the surrounding furniture pieces and home objects. I love the more freeform lines that a glass blown vase can achieve similar to Mistana's Ranae Vase or Cyan Design's Table Vase.

Whether it's the season or your taste that changes, the great thing about vases is the easy ability to swap these pieces out. Check out our article on modern ikebana to learn how artists are creating beautiful floral arrangements for these vessels.

Go on, be creative, and share how you've decorated your surfaces by tagging us @atmargueritestreet.