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MILG: A Phrase to Live By

In our Creative Spotlight series, we feature the people behind the brand. MILG's vision is clear—make it look good. A simple yet clear phrase that encapsulates what Founder, Krystal Cross's brand stands for. More than a shopping and retail destination, it's a place that inspires us to value and care for the space we inhabit.

Marguerite St: Tell me about the inspiration to start your own brand.

MILG: Initially I just started collecting vintage coffee table books for myself to look for inspiration because I was seeing the same interior design/architecture pictures over and over online. That collection quickly turned into home decor and vintage designer items and I started to run out of space (because New York City apartment.) I began to sell some stuff on Instagram, Depop and Heroine, but your listings have to look cute, you know? So the more I started to take pictures and stage everything, the more responses I got asking when I was re-stocking and what other items I had. Eventually I got addicted to sourcing and it just made sense to create my own brand so I could curate everything the way I wanted to.

MSt: What has it been like starting a business throughout the pandemic? What has been the most rewarding aspect of it? MILG: Honestly it’s been a breeze. I’ve been blessed to be able to work remotely with my full-time job so I can source, post new drops, take product photos, and head to the post office during lunch breaks. The most rewarding part has been seeing how people are incorporating and styling everything in their spaces.

MSt: How did you come up with the name, MILG?

MILG: It’s an acronym for make it look good which is a phrase I live by. Whatever you do, buy, wear, just make it look good. MSt: I love your art collection. How did you source these items? What do you look for? MILG: I’m really into exhibition posters because they stand out and are great conversation points, so I look for artists I already admire and those who are household names because they’ve usually had plenty of exhibitions and its so interesting to see the different fonts, colors and placements throughout the decades.

MSt: What makes an item a MILG item? MILG: Anything with an unusual shape or that's made of stone/marble. For books, the design of the covers are a huge factor (with or without the dust jacket) because some people buy them solely to style with other objects.

MSt: What has been your favourite styling that you've seen of a MILG item?

MILG: Definitely this photo from a client on Instagram.

MSt: Describe the concept behind MILG. What kind of community are you trying to build? MILG: I just really want people to be excited about design across all categories. That’s all I can ask for.

MSt: Why does design excite you? MILG: It spans across so many categories and there are a variety of ways to interpret it. Everyone can put their own special spin on it.

MSt: If you could describe MILG in three words, what would they be? MILG: Useful, timeless, sharp.

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